Caliber Club


Here is a collection of information about our game. If anything you need isn't here please email us and we will make it available.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer Hai Contrast; Based in Brooklyn NY
  • Release Date iOS April 2015
  • DLC Content Pay once, play forever
  • Platform Pages Coming Soon
  • Website
  • Price Free
  • Social Links Twitter, YouTube
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Arcade sniper action that replicates the feel of classic light gun shooters. Drill bullseyes, plink bottles, and burst targets while climbing the ranks.

In this one of a kind hand drawn motion based shooter you must earn access to the most elite shooting club in the world, The Caliber Club. Work your way up the ranks by surpassing tests of speed, accuracy and tactical memory.

Make your tool your own by winning prize money to customize your gun in millions of ways.

Compete against your friends with Game Center leaderboards.

Take your best shot.


Unique Gyroscope Controls

We wanted to make it feel like a classic light gun game a mix between Silent Scope, Time Crisis, Police Trainer, and Namco's classic Quick & Crash.

Hand Drawn Art

You've probably seen our artist's (Eddie Porter)’s work primarily on tv shows such as boardwalk empire, true detective and even fat guy stuck in internet. He's also paints and animates in his spare time so we wanted to make the game his canvas.

Customizable Guns

There are several thousand ways you can make your gun your own. We built a swappable gun part upgrade system. It doesn't affect the properties of the gun, just the aesthetics, we wanted the game to be totally skill based.

1980's Themed Setting

A marksmanship challenge mixed with our love of 80's films montages created the setting for our game.


Hai Contrast was founded in Brooklyn, NY during the summer of 2014 by Andrew Askedall with the help of artist and partner in design Eddie Porter. Caliber Club is the first game that the team has produced. Hai Contrast's goal is design great digital experiences that excite and entertain. The team has also designed the popular camera app Krop Circle for iOS.